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While the results of the preliminary Hungarian elections show a comfortable victory for the ruling coalition.

Here's the official current results from the

Updated: 2006.04.24. 12:13
Processed: 98,38 %
Round 2
of the Parliamentary Election of 2006
April 23, 2006

View of Parliament


Number of Parliamentary Representatives : 386

Parties In individual
On territorial list On national list Total Proportion of
ALLIANCE OF FREE DEMOCRATS 3 (3) 4 11 18 4,66%
FIDESZ-Hungarian Civic Union
69 (41) 69 26 164 42,49%
6 (2)     6 1,55%
HUNGARIAN SOCIALIST PARTY 97 (63) 71 18 186 48,19%
MDF   2 9 11 2,85%
SOMOGYÉRT 1 (1)     1 0,26%
Total 176 146 64 386 100,00%


WOMEN: The state TV broadcaster's news has it that ten percent of the MPs are women. This is typical result for Hungary, although the rate was even lower. What has been striking me, is that during the campaign period the leading female politicians, such as Ibolya Dávid (MDF), Katalin Szili and Ildikó Lendvai (MSZP) are getting better ratings than their male counterparts. The party lists did not reflect this, however, and parties were not including that many women on the top part of their lists. Yet another thing to reflect on – especially when thinking of democracy and the continuous process of democratisation – over the next four years.

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