“Wir fahren nach Stuttgart”

I repost something from my personal blog palemics.wordpress.com

The last week of the Football World Cup is here – and It’s been all quite interesting.

1) supporting England: How can I be an England supporter? I’m not English, not a real Essex girl – thank gods. Nevertheless, I felt that England is closest to my home country – not only in the World Cup, though, but this time definitely of all the countries participating. As many people from England I am a bit weary of that identification – and the identification with a red-and-white football supporters and even more so with the hooligans.

Nevertheless, this was my choice, and the affiliation I saw as the most natural one. I tried to find ways of flagging it. Finding a shirt with the St.Stephen’s Cross on the front and number seven in my back. Beckham – he’s ok, he’s ex-ManU and I’m ex-ManU (now FC United) supporter. But why would I – an unbaptised pagan – start looking like a crusader? The next t-shirt I found was red: it said England on the front and Rooney at the back. If Becks is far from my taste for men how would I look as a Rooney-girl? It would have been a good piece of memorabilia for this World Cup, though. So they went and lost. I was sad, but hey – if a team cannot score, they should perhaps not go forward in a cup…

2)  …which is what happened to the Germans. How sad! Selfishly speaking, it would have been great to be in Berlin with Germany in the final. Nevertheless, my German friends have welcomed all their Italian friends over here – not that the Germans would be supporting Italy in the final, but it feels good. I also invited my old Italian flatmate with whom I unfortunately lost touch.

Last night was quieter than the previous nights after a German victory. During the matches the whole Berlin is empty – the previous time, during the Argentina match, I witnessed it from the air as I needed to board when the extra-time started. Nevertheless, five minutes after the Italy match the street became live again. With celebrating Italians – and Germans trying to hide their disappointment into celebration.

“Shade” was one of the most common words of the German commentator (with a Hungarian name – I always wondered if the miracle/tragedy of Bern in 1954 had any thing to do with his career choices?). Indeed, what a shame. I hope the Germans will be still cheering for their team in the battle over the third match. The slogan “We fahren nach Berlin” turned into a travelling to Stuttgart. Doesn’t sound as fancy, but I hope it catches on and the atmosphere of a great Football Festival remains.

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