trestruction bauhaus

bauhaus dessau reflection on trees

the icon of modernism stands again like a temple on the field, as the great modernist gropius had planned it in the 1920s.

or does it?


the trees planted after the WWII around the BAUHAUS building in dessau were cut on 14-15 february 2007. the plan is to create a new park around the building, following the original plans, and to better accommodate a visitor car park. the new minimalistic design for the surroundings of the UNESCO protected building have already been chosen in a competition.

space for more

this action is for preserving the original state of the building that in 1926 was constructed on a field – out of the city and urban structures of dessau.

it tries to return its original shape and setting.

at the same time the the ‘icon of modernism’ is being turned into an eternal, timeless building. a temple, as it was once envisioned to become.

age removed

the building is stripped off from its own historicity turned into an ageless, contextless icon.

or is it really? can it really be?

context remains

links: more photos, bauhaus dessau

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