discourse seminar in helsinki: the finnish elections

The informal discourse theory seminar in Helsinki starts at 6pm on 20 March 2007. The general topic is Finnish general elections 2007, where the main voting day is 18 March.

The themes visited are related to consensus, party identification, ideological and discursive changes, coalitions and political frontiers – but do not hesitate to suggest your own discursive and discourse theoretical (deconstructive, psychoanalytical etc.) readings!

The aim of the seminar is to establish and maintail a network and space for political analysis and theory inspired by the thought of Ernesto Laclau.

The place for this first meeting is the Kappeli cafe (http://www.ravintolaopas.net/kappeli/). The group, which has a basis on a lecture course on Ideology and Discourse Analysis at the Department of Political Science at the University of Helsinki now operates work beyond university. Kappeli happens to be a traditional place where intellectuals met to talk about politics.

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