PhD thesis reviewed online

I just came accross Seán Hanley‘s blog, where there was a nice review of my PhD thesis (the manuscript is rewritten as we speak into a book) and my comments on Finnish politics here last spring. It’s actually a very nice blog, with stuff on Central Eastern Europe and beyond – mainly Czech and Slovak politics. Nice to hear from a guy who’s work I appreciate. (Seán now lectures at my former university School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL, London.) Also glad to see that there’s some point of publishing the thesis online.

I take Seán’s criticism about the updates on PolEmics… and add my apologies. For instance Finnish election updates were simply hard to handle with couple of projects and the mobile life China-Germany-etc. But I hope that my recent analysis of Finnish politics (e.g. the small analysis on ideologies of local politicians) will continuing here in a way that’s approachable to readers beyond Finland – both in terms of language, references and scope.

First, however, I must get through the start of teaching and the conference, which has received a lot of positive attention here in Finland among the colleagues and beyond. Even my friends think it sounds cool and want to come by to hear some presentations. Admittedly, I am positively surprised and am (if at all possible) ever more eager to meet everyone and hear the presentations myself – despite all the organising hassle.

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