on hungarian riots 22 october 2007

This video – despite the problems that it might have for privacy – is a very good one for seeing what was going on in the riots on the one-year anniversary of the riots of 2006 on the eve of the national day commemorating the revolution of 1956.

See elsewhere in this blog for my analysis of last year’s riots, that started after the exposure of the lie of the Hungarian Prime Minister.

2 thoughts on “on hungarian riots 22 october 2007

  1. ‘Riots’? Well, apart from the fireworks and rather tame-looking petrol bombs – and the odd political flags – I have seen worse on a Saturday night in Colchester. This stuff about ‘riots’ seems a bit exaggerated – Not exactly the intifada is it? I guess Hungary is normally a very peaceful and boring place.

  2. I guess it’s not that much different from the riots currently taking place in France… Intifada is slightly different.
    I’m not saying these were very extensive – that you can judge yourselves after watching the video.
    Of course we could decide to ignore these riots completely, as some do – but that’s a political move. 😉

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