In Jyväskylä: professional news again

I started working as the Senior Lecturer in Cultural Politics/Policy at the University of Jyväskylä in December 2008. It’s a job for 13 months – the longest my wondering academic’s (suitcase-academic’s) life has ever wittnessed in terms of funding for living expenses or work. In Finland, it’s a relative to a decent win in the Lottery.

Jyväskylä runs a lovely engaged interdisciplinary MA programme, and I’m the second person in charge for it – after professor Anita Kangas. The yearly intake is circa 25 students, so it keeps us busy. At the same time we apply for projects for the future. What we are committed in presently, that I’m involved in, is research on Turku European Capital of Culture 2011. Is an exciting process of cultural policy and politics from many angles that I’m not yet outlining here.

Jyväskylä is three hours from my hometown Helsinki (the capital of Finland…), and the same distance from Turku (by train). It’s famous for it’s Alvar Aalto architecture, and there’s snow here in the winter, lakes, hills and woods in the summer. In other words it’s a pretty town.

The University – especially our Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy is excellent, and I’ve got very nice and good students and colleagues here. This is just to update a bit – the work on Ydin magazine still continues as a hobby, and it’s taken the time outside academia pretty much, so this page gets rarely updated. Sorry about that.

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