professional news 2010

It’s indeed so that blogging has been replaced by facebook, where much of the colleagues and friends are. It’s especially popular in Finland, where I’ve now been based for two years.

Currently, I’m at the newly established Department of Political and Economic Studies at the University of Helsinki, where in Political Science I’ve been also in 2008 prior to my 13 months at Jyväskylä. I’ve got two postdoc scholarships which basically capture what I’ve been doing for two years and will be doing for just over one in terms of research:

1) Political Symbolic Spaces in Budapest, Helsinki, Luxembourg and London (Finnish Cultural Foundation)

2) Political frontiers and populism in Finland in comparative perpective (Hungary)

Professionally all is well, I’m teaching (30 students in Ideology and Discourse Analysis, and double that next year) and I’ve got PhD students working on fascinating themes. I just spent 8 weeks abroad doing conferences and fieldwork mainly in Luxembourg, Germany, Scotland, Chicago, Washington DC, Mexico City and London. Quite exhausted but happy after that. Eager to get on with research. Will update more things later…

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