Success in a design competition: A New European Symbol?

My design from the Bauhaus Kolleg Programme on an EU flag has been selected out of 1400 entries as one of the twelve “new symbols” for Europe, by an international jury in a competition organised by a Dutch think thank for design and government. The design has been printed in a 2×3 meter size flag and is now hanging in the Hague for this week.

The point behind is “united in diversity”: I simply offered a chance to locals in Sibiu, the European Capital of Culture in 2007, to deconstruct and reconstruct the European flag placing stars on a blue door mat. I took pictures of each and every design, and gathered them into one single flag. The idea is that this flag could be repeated in other cities too. (Do let me know if you’re interested in hosting it!)

Funny that, being a political scientist / theorist, and making it to the top in a design competition… But that only means that symbols are for us all? More reflective thoughts, slide shows of the process, texts and photos are on the website of the memorial:

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