WP+me=9 years? Time to reform this site

OK, so WordPress.com congratulated me on a 9th anniversary of running sites with them. NINE years? And yes, loyalty shows: I have opened quite a few sites here, and worked on other wordpress sites – and one that I developed with Drupal is now planning to go Wordpress (thankfully there are other than blog templates available now). Not to mention the blogspot pages. So thanks WordPress!

Worryingly, I have not put my input on my own site. It’s a terrible mess, and you’d have no idea what I’ve been upto in the last years based on this site that has only a couple dated analysis and updates. I’ve been busy taking care of other projects I perceived of as bigger than me. Like democracy – although that is quite an abstract term. After nine years, I’d have better knowledge of whom I’ve become and what I know. Gimme a little time so I’ll show you, too.

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